Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Baby-time Voretx

I saw the date of my last post and was shocked.  Where has a whole month gone?  I scratch my head and look around and realise I know exactly where.  Into the baby-time vortex.  As little people get bigger, time gets smaller.  Didn't Einstein say that?  Baby=Mama-time/2?  Or something...

Ethan has decided that anything Mama does, he can do.  As I have tried to settle into a blog, or even a little email checking, I hear a persistent 'Uh, urhh, urhh!' behind me.  No longer content to explore his little section of the room, he is glaring at me.  'Get me up there!' his eyes say.  So up he comes to my lap, which buys us about 2.5 seconds of contentment before he decides he's ready to use the mouse.  So we find a compromise.  We watch Ernie singing 'Rubber Duckie' on YouTube and I forget my writing all together for the day.

He's also become mobile.  No textbook crawling yet, but he can wiggle and pull himself around, eventually getting to what he wants.  Baby favourites to scoot towards are unfortunately remote controls, iPhones and dumbbells.  He's an independent little fella and isn't always satisfied when he is given something rather than getting it himself.  Time to baby-proof the house!  I'm thinking bubble wrap around every corner and the computer in a locked room that he can access when he needs it for university.

Days of easy, low-clean-up baby milk are gone.  We can finally see a little tooth poking its way through his gums and he is excited to use it on anything we serve him.  He liked chicken, and then he tried dad's roast chicken.  After that, all other chicken got a disapproving look, like a Michelin star inspector sampling a McDonalds burger.  We are cooking extra and freezing baby-size portions, which he is working though faster than we can cook.  And again, whatever mama/daddy have is always exactly what he needs.  A picnic in the park over the weekend saw him grabbing handfuls of salad directly off our forks and shovelling them into his own mouth.  He makes a little face, with a rumpled up nose like a great white tucking into a seal, as a crams it in and munches away.

Its all fun, but busy.  And as I reflect, it's less a lack of time and more that I'm just zapped by the end of the day.  A great consolation has been his wonderful sleeping habits and the warm summer evenings recently.  So after his dinner, cleaning up the carnage that follows, a bath and a bottle, I have time for the last few rays of sunshine and sip from a bottle of my own.  Now that's mama-tatsic.