Sunday, 8 July 2012

Family lazy Sunday munch-fest

When Ethan was younger, the whole day was centred on his eating schedule.  Every two-three hours at first. I remember not long ago when Thom and I eating a whole meal together was almost impossible and I would survive the day on nibbles of toast.  Now, Ethan is awake for a far greater portion of the day and yet we can eat much more normally.  That and the 12-hours baby sleep last night makes me feel relaxed and hungry.  In fact, on this rainy Sunday, I'm noticing that all three of us have tyrannosaurus-style voracious appetites.

 We started the day with Oatibix all-'round.  Thom with skim milk and a dusting of sugar, Ethan's with a mixture of formula and whole milk.  Mine - a scattering of blueberries and yoghurt.  Ethan loves breakfast.  Once his bum hits the high-chair, he is straining towards the spoon, arms out and mouth open hoping to catch any fly-by foods.

After some playtime and a drop more milk, he's off to a nap.  Today he woke earlier than expected, catching Thom and I tucking into our second cups of coffee and some toast.  Ethan joined us by munching on a wholewheat and apricot breadstick while we ate our toast.

Now midday and I have made no effort towards getting dressed, although we have tidied the house and baked flapjacks.  The rain's still falling, so it's cups of tea and flapjacks before lunch.  My Jasmine green tea temporarily calms my rainy-day appetite, but Ethan's just waking and it will soon be time for baby lunch of pasta, avocado and pears.  Wonder what Thom and I will have?  Bread is almost done, so maybe cheese-on-toast with bread fresh form the breadmachine?  Today, we are indoors, hibernating pigs.  Must get outdoors and justify some of this lazy piggery!  It's very, very rainy.....maybe tomorrow.